Student Research Projects

Undergraduate Senior Research Projects:

— 2010: Michael Penna, The Geography of American National Security in the Arctic

— 2010: Quinn McCarron, GPS Mapping of the McKaig Nature Education Center

— 2010: John Steele, A Crossroads of Worlds-Afghanistan in Modern Times

— 2010: Matthew C. Crawford, Using GIS to Understand Congressional Re-Districting in Pennsylvania

— 2010: Timothy Kloeblen, GPS Mapping and Environmental Monitoring in the McKaig Nature Education Center, Upper Merion, Pennsylvania

— 2010: Jennifer Weichenrieder, Open Source Development of Web-based GIS

— 2010: Courtney Thompson, Sustainable Agriculture

— 2010: Elizabeth Dias, Sprawl in Chester County–Population Growth in Pennsylvania’s Fastest Growing County

— 2010: Caitlin O’Donnell, The Geography of Poppy Agriculture in Afghanistan

— 2010: Erin Wade, Quantifying Beach Erosion and Environmental Impacts, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

— 2011: Michele Jordan, Sea Level Rise in the Chesapeake Bay

— 2011: Crysta Jentile, Sustainability: A Look at LEED Certification and Green Roofs

— 2011: Donald Powers, Turning Back the Tide of Sprawl in Chester County, Pennsylvania

— 2011: Elizabeth Pons, Perspectives on Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania

— 2011: John Urban, Iran: North–South Environmental Security and Water Shortage

— 2012: Thomas Alvarez, Oasis of the Sahel: The Lake Chad Basin

— 2012: Madeline Paolantonio, The Truth About Refrigerators

— 2012: Hector Santamaria, Impact of Urbanization on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

— 2012: Cariello–Noblit, Michael, Somali Pirates: Maritime Piracy in a Modern World

— 2012: Chase, Julia, Food For Thought: Societal Impacts and Growth of Community Supported Agriculture in the Greater Philadelphia Area

— 2013: Colin Bakey, Legacy of Landmines and UXO: Iraqi Kurdistan

— 2013: Sarah Celone, Development and Transformation of Geographic Information

— 2013: William Pepe, Medical Geography: The Spatial Distribution of Heath Care

— 2013: Danielle Post, The Future of Sea Level Rise: Projected Saltwater Intrusion and Contamination of Drinking Water in New Jersey

— 2014: Madison Moore, Water Conservation and Purification Efforts in the Eastern Caribbean

— 2014: Alan Landis, Analysis and Projections of MQ-9 Reaper Operational Limitations: Weather & National Security